The Soulmate Story | Bond Studio Architects

The Soulmate Story | Bond Studio Architects

Firm: Bond Studio Architects

Principal Designer: Ar. Karan Atodaria

Project’s Name: The Soulmate Story

Completion Year: 2018

Client: Mrs. Ravi Solanki, Miss Kinjal Panchamia

Location: Althan, Surat, Gujarat

Design Team: Ar.Karan Atodaria, Id.Siddhi Kothari,Id Sohail sofawala

Execution Team : Soheb Dabhoya

Carpet Area : 300 Sq. Ft.
Photography Credits: The Soulmate Story Studio

‘With a requirement from our client to have a unique office reflecting as own their own office as photographic element with an economy budget in area about 300 sq-ft.

We strongly believe a true design comes from an inspiration, and it was time to cultivate our inspiration into Design work keeping aspects given by our client in our mind.

‘The banyan tree is considered to be versatile organism and itself is unique among all other trees and rest for years and years. Roots of banyan tree could be an interesting element which could be utilize in unique ways for different purpose’

Ambience of office is covered up with shades of different colours in lights.

With a keep of budget in mind ‘OLD Furniture’ been re utilizes and shape into new outlook with cool and warm colours.

We accepted challenge and decided to exposed, main nerves of inner core (Electrical PVC pipes) as branch of Banyan Tree, which roots extends into Ceiling and further extend into hanging roots in form of hanging lights.

Ahead, roots extend horizontally into all walls which intensify to connect all walls with roots and new roots uplifting from same vertically end up into Switch board.

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