Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for submitting your content to BETTER BLUEPRINTS.

By submitting content to us, you agree to these terms and the license to use the content will come into existence between you and us.

·       In accordance to above paragraph you grant to us a non-exclusive, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free license for us to use, publish, display the content that you submit to us in whole or in part for any purpose we may determine (including on our websites and any other site in which we have publishing rights our social media pages; in any of our advertising, marketing or promotional works; in publications; to allow third parties to publish the content where they do so in association with us).

·       All projects received will be first reviewed by our editorial team. Our editorial team will select the best of the projects to be published on our website and social media platforms. The content shared on our Website and Social media handles has been carefully selected and curated so that it can give reliable and inspirational ideas to our community.

·       You acknowledge and agree that we will not pay you amount for the content that you submit to us. In exchange for you providing the content, the content may be featured on our websites, published, reproduced, displayed or otherwise exploited for any other purpose as explained in above paragraph.

·       We have acknowledge the right to, edit, adapt and make changes to any content that you submit to us without your prior approval. (for example, to correct any typographical and grammatical errors, to ensure text conforms with our writing style, to shorten a video, or to crop an image)

·       Only the Firm Instagram Handle and Firm Website will be tagged on our Website and Social Media. Please note that personal Instagram tags will NOT be tagged.

·       The REPOST of the project is mandatory on your social media handles. The link for the same will be sent to you by Instagram and Email.

·       Instagram reels and YouTube shorts made by us or submitted by you will have Better Blueprints logo on it along with Designer’s credit and Photographer’s credit on it in caption of video.

·       Limited and Necessary Revisions of the Live Link will be done.

·       We do not take any liability of the material provided to us by the Architect/Interior Designer if it is being downloaded and re-used in various manners by other platforms or any individual.

·       Posts in our social media pages; website; our advertising; digital publication are purely inspirational and academic in nature and are not used for any of the commercial purposes.

·       And we can remove any content at any time (including from our websites; our social media pages; our advertising, marketing or promotional works; digital publications).

·       If you are a copyright owner of any of post or a particular image and would like to remove or hurt by our side please contact us without any hesitation it will be promptly handled.




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