Studio 27 Unisex Salon and Spa | SMA Architects And Interior Designers

Studio 27 Unisex Salon and Spa | SMA Architects And Interior Designers

Firm: SMA Architects And Interior Designers

Principal Designer: Ar. Mehzabeen Sayyed

Project’s Name: Studio 27 Unisex Salon and Spa

Completion Year: 2020

Client: Ms. Sawilani

Location: Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra

Project Cost: 1300000 ₹ Approx

Carpet Area: 1350 Sq. Ft.

Built up Area: 1650 Sq. Ft.

Photography Credits: Elvis Phumale



When you think of a Salon and Spa , what is the first think that comes to your mind? For many of us , it’s a place where you go to soothe and rejuvenate yourself, make you feel and look better.

While designing, our attempt was to make the space itself contribute in rejuvenating the user, making them feel better about themselves.

The entire concept revolved around using elements that will calm you, relax your senses and make you feel important.

We were very keen on the use of colors that we wanted to use for the project. The color scheme was chosen with subtle palette earthy textures that will have a calming effect on the eyes.

The design took its shape by giving a great thought to the movement and experience of the user in the space.

The property is a row house of British era located in the prime location of Kalyani nagar, Pune having use of stone cladding on walls and sloping roofs with traces of colonial architecture.

This has led us to design to adapt the building to be  reused and transformed into a Salon and Spa preserving its heritage architectural elements .

Our aim was to minimize the waste generated on site and for this we reused some of the existing furniture and transformed them giving  a  complete  new look thus sustaining them.

The structure is in 2 levels ( G+1 ) and the activities were segregated on the basis of its demand for privacy and seclusion. The ground floor is designed to have the hair styling and hair spa, and the first floor to have the Manicure, pedicure area and the spa rooms.

The Entrance

The main space is entered through a passage. We used this to our benefit and our aim was to make the entrance dramatic with vertical lines and a faux vault ,with a prime focal point in the form of a feature partition that acts like a piece of art.

The design of the partition is derived from abstraction of multiple arches, beautifully handcrafted with the velvet fabric  giving it a pleasant sheen and softness.

Our attempt was to direct the vision of the user to the focal point i.e the feature partition and therefore the other elements of the entrance like the vertical paneling and the faux vault was made with whites and pastels.

The interiors are designed with uniformity in terms of the finishes throughout the salon/spa with the use of florals and textures in the form of wallpapers for wall finishes , intricate cornices, wooden textured vinyl flooring and  a highlight of metallic chrome gold finish giving it a contemporary style with a little vintage touch.

The staircase is highlighted for its vintage vibes. The shelves for the display of products are a combination of wood and metal with chrome gold finish.

The Sky full of stars

The Spa rooms demands complete seclusion and is meant to calm  you down. We conceptualized it like an experience of a night sky full of stars amidst the plants with mesmerizing music and tried to capture the tranquilizing effect it has on our body and mind.

This setting has played a significant role and the users have reported less stress, more positive mood and stronger awe experience.

The sloping roof is painted black with fairy lights as stars and the hanging basket tray nestles live plants, designed with a combination of matte black metal and wooden texture with spot lights .

The manicure table is designed using designer laminate with iconic patterns of the color palette lit by task lights of the hanging basket with plants , thus effectively optimizing the luminance of the room with high ceiling.

Patterns are incorporated in the design by use of moroccon patterned tiles in wet and semi- wet areas and laminates for the furniture.

The Main Entrance Gate is designed with natural tones of textures by use of bamboo and grass on a metal framework with visual transparency to some extent from the exteriors to develop a sense of curiosity for the person standing outside and making the entrance attractive.

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