Want us to publish your project?

Want us to publish your project?

Great, then read the details below, agree to Terms & Conditions and ensure you send us what and how we accept it.

How to submit your project?

To submit your project just simply attach zipped images or links to file sharing sites where appropriate.

After receiving the project our editorial team will observe the project properly if matches our requirements, a mail will be sent to you about confirmation of project and it will be published according to order of sequence received. 

Movies/Videos are appreciated!

If you have a movie/video related to your project, send it in. We usually upload submitted movies/videos to our own channels (particularly YouTube, Facebook and Instagram).

Credits are must for everyone!

Send us project credits! Especially for the images, we happily give credits, links and full copyright details where appropriate.  You must ensure that you have the permission of the copyright holder for all material you submit.

We like you to..

When we’ve published your project please share on social media, your website and so on. It will help your project get more visits and more attention.

And last but not the least, tell your designer friends about us, we would love to share their works also.

If you have any query regarding submission of project, please reach us at editor@betterblueprints.com

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