Pethani Residence | Meraki Design Studio

Pethani Residence | Meraki Design Studio

Firm: Meraki Design Studio

Principal Designer: Pritam Sheladiya & Dhruvi Patel

Project’s Name: Pethani Residence

Completion Year: 2020
Client: Jasmin Pethani

Location: Navsari, Gujarat

Carpet Area : 6500 Sq. Ft.

Photography Credits: Meet Engineer & Krishna Harsora  (Craved Captured)

The house is one step into the professional practice, where the intention was to break or evolve the predefined definitions or image of peripheral boundaries, propagating the criticality of the frame at the same time.

This project for us is a step into uderstanding the professional practice of working together as designers, clients and all the agencies which exists with relation to others in order for them to function as a whole.

Pethani residence is situated in a residential development around the station read, Navsari.

The house showcases the lifestyle of one big family following the cultural beliefs of India.

Horizontally, the bungalow is divided in three levels, where the ground floor fulfill the needs of socializing yield with the guestroom and other amenities. The upper two floors provide private and semi private spaces.

The entrance door directly leads to the temple space visually, giving the ability to endure the living. To widen or define the temple space in case of large gathering, sliding jali does the job, being a partial barrier between living and kitchen space.

Timelessness comes through minimal and ENGAGING FURNITURE Details such as floating bed, color scheme and bringing basic shapes into art forms. Material palate has been constant throughout the work, except spaces with higher values of beingness, ensuring that this modest and sober home is everything but standard.

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