Mitron Cafe & Bar | Umesh Desai & Associates

Mitron Cafe & Bar | Umesh Desai & Associates

Firm: Umesh Desai & Associates

Principal Designer: Nishant Desai

Project’s Name: Mitron Cafe & Bar

Completion Year: 2019
Client: Gaurav & Rahul Shetty
Location: Bandra West, Mumbai
Carpet Area : 7000 Sq. Ft.
Built up Area: 7350 Sq. Ft.
Photography Credits: Prakkar Gandhi

Inspiration behind the setting of the place:

Mitron Bandra started off exactly where we left off at Mitron Andheri. We knew what we had to display at this outlet ,it had to be something conventional, something contemporary yet something pure. 

Our idea behind Mitron as a brand is to make the customer feel connected to each outlet through just the sense of a positive atmosphere and remembering old memories in a new getup.

Interior Theme

The design execution for this outlet started with the space at hand which had so much openness in one section and absolutely sealed with darkness in one corner.

Our first attempt was to add as much positivity in the space by providing openings in the sealed section and keep as much openness in the main section. 

Our layout started with dividing the two sections with a fine dine/lounge feel in one section and a high energy resto-bar feel in the other main section.

Once we had our seating layout in place our brainstorming session for the space started painting a lot of different colours in terms of the theme to be developed.

We had to stick strong to the feel of nostalgia but also pump in a lot of contemporary present day mood and feel. 

That came through our metal jhali shutters, black marquina marble flooring and velvet fabric, a punch of modern bar chairs and sofas, neon signages which gives the brand its differentiation, the laser cut entry panel with ‘MITRON’ meaning friends in different cultural languages whereas the nostalgia part was kept flowing through our restored sourced glass panel doors and windows, the unique vintage liquor cabinet from a remote village in north India, our classical concrete balusters which act as separators to help distinguish the lounge n resto-bar section, the coloured glass chandiliers, antique carved brass hanging n wall bracket lights take us back in time.

The colour scheme throughout the space was intentionally made vibrant with teal, blue, purple,green doing the rounds sticking strong to the brands liveliness.

Major components of materials used:

Coloured glass, Brass in light fittings(wall n hanging), Coloured glass chandeliers, Concrete balusters, Exposed brick walls, Rough hand textured painted walls, Black marquina marble for flooring and bar counter (lounge/fine dine section). Tiles and wooden flooring with vinyl chequered flooring in (resto-bar section).

Covers in lounge and fine dine section:

Restaurant & bar section covers-180 covers.

Lounge/fine dine section- 88 covers.

Any names that have been given to any specific sections:

Lounge section which is composed with different levels of fine dining and lounge seatings and some hi table seating in front of the elongated bar counter.

The main restaurant n bar area which comprises of the dj counter as the main hi-light. 

The peripheral lounge seating gives a complete stadium feel mixed with some cosy couples seatings and high tables for the hi energy centre seating in front of the bar n dj.

The passage between the two areas is kept minimum with a few scattered hi tables to give the customer a connective feel between the two comprehensive yet differently designed spaces.

Better Blueprints

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