Kudrat | Studio Synergy – Umesh Choudhary

Kudrat | Studio Synergy – Umesh Choudhary

Firm: Studio Synergy

Principal Designer: Umesh Choudhary

Project’s Name: Kudrat
Completion Year: 2020
Client: Ramanbhai Patel
Location: Ankleshwar
Carpet Area: 4200 Sq. Ft.
Built up Area: 5200 Sq. Ft.
Photography Credits: Photography With Tejas

This one-story residence is customized to fit the mood of a modern nuclear family residing in Ankleshwar,Gujrat. The project is designed by a young design firm named “Studio Synergy”.

The firm is led by architect Umesh Chaudhary,from D.Y.Patil college of architecture,Akurdi,Pune.

The house shows good representation of balance between contemporary interiors and traditional elements.

The interiors are approached by designer with minimalism and simplicity in mind as per client’s design brief and concept requirements. The contemporary interiors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also bring out the functionality and spirit of the space.

Mindful effort and thought has been dedicated to the colour pallet and material selection for the space. Same can be observed throughout the house.

Living room consists of one veneer furniture with amalgamation of Italian marble at vertical and horizontal surfaces which maintains the consistency and feel of living area.

The double height at seating area along with the personalized light fixture at the centre gives the room the lavish and splendid look that makes it stand out within the constraints of the space.

Small yet evident landscaped space has been incorporated in the living area which bridges the outdoors to indoors.

Such features bring balance and stability to calm interiors of the house. Guest bedrooms are designed with pale colours and minimum furniture with the consideration of function and availability of the space.

The contrast in wood based materials and paint finishes emphasizes on the furniture and aesthetics of the same simultaneously giving the room striking look.

Pooja room demonstrates ideal balance between traditional and contemporary elements.

The use of veneer with the combination of traditional features in partition wall signifies the same.

Along with the rooms the accessories displayed across the residence also complement and enhance the artistic theme of the house; it helps the interiors to maintain its subtlety.

Master bedrooms and Son’s bedroom is located on the upper level so as to maintain privacy of the family.

The interiors in Son’s bedroom are more on the theme of modern designing which is with consideration of occupant of the space.

The interiors of master bedroom are made of one special tree veneer with elements of chrome glass complementing it.

The room is designed with specific intent to maximize the space and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the interior scheme.

Not only the veneer and paint finishes but also the fabrics are chosen with the consideration of the mood of the room which makes it stand out as a wholesome unit.

The main and utmost importance is given to feel of the space. The key focus while redesigning the residence was kept on complimentary interiors with subtle furniture.

The entire interior scheme possesses steady lines, well matched geometrical shapes paired with modern yet local materials; such details add consistency and character to the house.

This signature feature of the architect appears throughout the space which gives the house a feel of especial unit.

The designer has incorporated clients brief with smart design approach to achieve the common goal of simplistic interiors.

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