Intuitive Workspace | Int-Hab architecture+design Studio

Intuitive Workspace | Int-Hab architecture+design Studio

Firm: Int-Hab Architecture + Design Studio

Principal Designer: Ar Sachin Shetty
Project’s Name: Intuitive Workspace

Completion Year: 2019

Client: Int-Hab architecture+design Studio

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Carpet Area: 1600 Sq. Ft.

Built up Area: 2000 Sq. Ft.

Photography Credits: Aadit Basu, Places and Spaces

Int-Hab, an Architectural and Design Studio works in office of its own design at Bangalore.

The interior design is clean and simple to ensure clutter-free workspace.

It also helps in seamless connectivity between the interior and exterior green space.

The park facing, agile and collaborative workspace has large openings that allow natural light to pour in, green elements around the office, the bright white walls and exposed ceiling creates an informal and stress-free work environment that encourages easy communication, organic interaction, and engagement among employees.

The work space is simple and spacious, furnished by customized workstations made of metal and pinewood.

The terrace has a cafeteria and a break out zone for employees who need a change of scenery, whether it is to socialize over lunch or for team huddles.

One of the highlights is the suspended stairway between the office space and terrace area.

Besides being an architectural feature, it also doubles up as a display space, thus making the space neat and airy.

Spread over two floors, the Studio has an open plan based on the Firm’s design philosophy “Less is More”.

To inculcate a sense of space, all the primary walls were envisioned with glass partitions that lend fluidity and sophistication to the interiors along with greater visual connectivity.

These partitions were designed to encourage visual openness while maintaining privacy.

The space is clearly defined into three zones based on functionality: – The first zone has the reception and conference area; the second zone is the studio workspace and the third is the cafeteria.

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