Bhavna Bungalow | Ichha Kriti

Bhavna Bungalow | Ichha Kriti

Firm: Ichha Kriti

Principal Designer: Kushal Dalwadi

Project’s Name: Bhavna Bungalow

Completion Year: 2020

Client: Riten & Ravi Soni

Location: Anand, Gujarat
Project Cost: 28,00,000 ₹ Approx
Carpet Area: 2800 Sq. Ft
Photography Credits: Kunjal Dalwadi

A sleek design wrapped in cosy colour palette is every person’s vision of his or her dream house. Embodying this vision, the designing team designed Bhavana Bungalow.

“Keeping the living area neat and minimal and letting all the gleaming sunlight pour in through large faced windows was something that we stressed on”, says the designer of this house who loves airy and well-lit spaces.

The key aspect of this project was to keep it as low at budget as possible. So working within the confinements yet coming up with a unique approach for designing was a great task that was pushed by the designer.

A residence that is designed for a joint family needs to cater to different requirements and individual sense of aesthetics for all the members and hence keeping the common spaces very open and generic was the way forward.

But one will always be intrigued by the peek-a-boo of little details that stands as a contrast to the otherwise humble approach.

Working with muted colour scheme throughout the house but complementing it with little splashes of colours in every nook and corner makes the spaces more alive and vibrant.

Private bedrooms are designed keeping in mind the personality of its distinct user. Keeping these spaces clean, spacious and freely movable is the need of the hour especially when apartments are so tightly designed in this time.

A famous quote says ‘Designing is a visual art’ and this project only goes to justify it and speaks volumes of the art that it is.

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