About Us

About Us

Started in 2020, Better Blueprints came up with idea of evolving digital publication to give a better platform
offering professional services in architecture, interior design and product design connecting architects, interior
designers, students, fresher’s to end users and bringing expertise with professionalism and design closer to
the communities that we serve.

Our mission is to uncover remarkable works of Architects and elite interior designers from all around the world.
We wish to share the best of your work with our diversed group of devoted readers and give them new
Inspiration of what our readers are looking for. We collect, curate and publish the best information on our ever
growing database of knowledge.

Better Blueprints is obliged to our followers, colleagues, advisors who have directly indirectly helped us in
forming this portal.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”

– Frank Gehry

Our Team

Parth Thakkar

Founder & Editor

Harsh Kshatriya

Communications & Business Head

Jaymin Jinger

Digital Content Creator